Amateur slut Felicia.

November 8, 2008 by slut wives  
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Now, the fact is that Lloyd rescued young Felicia. The other fact is that she needed rescuing because Larry had run her over. Oh well nothing was harmed and Lloyd got a fresh young piece of ass out of the whole business - while Felicia? Well a few bruises and the discovery that horny guys swing some might big cocks. That is a truly valuable lesson for a young girl.

Amateur slut Felicia
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Brunette amateur slut.

November 2, 2008 by slut wives  
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This cute black-haired milf hasn’t had any customers at her restaurant the past few days and she needs to get the money to pay for the bills. Lucky for her a customer came in, somehow knows the kind of trouble her business is in and offered a solution for it… but it all depends her. Soon this restaurant will be transformed into a different kind of business, a place where cuties like her gets their nipples pinched, pussies forced open and pounded to your cocks content. From this day on she’s gonna have to serve a totally different menu that I’m certain sure you wouldn’t wanna miss!

Amateur slut
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